American Saddlebred Association of Arizona

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March 10-13

The American Saddlebred Association of Arizona (ASAA) is an American Saddlebred Horse Association (ASHA) Charter Club that enriches the Saddlebred experience for members. We promote Saddlebreds at the local level in Arizona and help newcomers learn more about the breed, as well as offering many equine and social activities for our members’s education and enjoyment. Typical activities include hosting horse shows, riding in parades, participating in horse fairs, presenting annual awards, trail rides and other popular equestrian pastimes. The ASAA is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit coporation. Contributions or gifts made to the ASAA are tax deductible as charitable contributions to the extent allowed by law.

If you would like to view the ASAA bylaws, click here.
Membership in the American Saddlebred Association of Arizona contributes significantly to safeguarding the integrity of the breed, promoting the use of Saddlebreds, and expanding the public's knowledge of America's original show and sport horse. The monetary value of your membership contribution is returned many times over in benefits to the breed and you as a member, as well as in services provided by the Association and the American Saddlebred Registry. Click here to download the 2015 Membership Application.

Mission Statement
The American Saddlebred Association of Arizona, as an ASHA Charter Club, shall have the purpose of safeguarding the integrity and expanding the knowledge of the American Saddlebred; educating the general public in the exhibiting, use and history of American Saddlebred horses and the improvement of the breed; promoting the humane treatment of American Saddlebred horses; stimulating and promoting interest in all matters pertaining to the history, breeding and exhibiting and improvement of the breed; encouraging safe equestrian activities; educating youth with respect to safe and proper horsemnship and the showing of horses by promoting the formation of youth associations and the dissemination of educational materials; and awarding scholarships to participants in youth horse programs.
2016 Events 

March 10-13
Carousel Charity Horse Show 
Westworld of Scottsdale, Arizona 

Past Events

March 12 - 15 
Carousel Charity Horse Show 
Westworld of Scottsdale 
For more information visit the Carousel Charity Horse Show website at  

2015 Carousel Charity Horse Show Premium Book

May 2 - 3 
Southwest Classic Horse Show 

Westworld of Scottsdale 
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July 17-19
Southwest Pine Classic Horse Show 
Flagstaff, Arizona September